Through my window....

Poetry is normally being associated with beauty and images so lovely that they take our breath away. However at the same time, they are also used to depict images of anger, sorrow and even sadness. Through various experiences in life, we sometimes utilise poetry to illustrate our feelings and emotions. Thats what I'm about to do in this entry.

As the wind blows pass my window,
I see some gloomy light,
Blowing across the sorrow night,
Carrying trivial thoughts into oblivion.

I look through my window,
Far across the horizon,
Searching for the lost purpose,
That I have yet to uncover.

Is it me who is to be blame?
Is it me who should be ashamed?
Or is it just another lost soul,
That needs time to prosper.

Time after time passes by,
Through the minute window pane,
Singing the sorrowfull lullaby,
Swiping all anger and pain.

We are only human,
My tiny heart screams,
We keep on harping that we are only human,
But in reality when will we ever learn?

I cling on my principle,
And stand high on my own virtue,
To garnish the wisdom that is not that feeble,
Through this merciless life that sees me like a statue.

Maybe this short narration is not that meaningful for some of you peeps but it tells a tale about my emotion right now. God bless everyone and Merry Christmas peeps!


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