Saturday, December 25, 2010

Through my window....

Poetry is normally being associated with beauty and images so lovely that they take our breath away. However at the same time, they are also used to depict images of anger, sorrow and even sadness. Through various experiences in life, we sometimes utilise poetry to illustrate our feelings and emotions. Thats what I'm about to do in this entry.

As the wind blows pass my window,
I see some gloomy light,
Blowing across the sorrow night,
Carrying trivial thoughts into oblivion.

I look through my window,
Far across the horizon,
Searching for the lost purpose,
That I have yet to uncover.

Is it me who is to be blame?
Is it me who should be ashamed?
Or is it just another lost soul,
That needs time to prosper.

Time after time passes by,
Through the minute window pane,
Singing the sorrowfull lullaby,
Swiping all anger and pain.

We are only human,
My tiny heart screams,
We keep on harping that we are only human,
But in reality when will we ever learn?

I cling on my principle,
And stand high on my own virtue,
To garnish the wisdom that is not that feeble,
Through this merciless life that sees me like a statue.

Maybe this short narration is not that meaningful for some of you peeps but it tells a tale about my emotion right now. God bless everyone and Merry Christmas peeps!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter Ranting....

Morning peeps!

Now its only 20 past 12 and I'm not that sleepy though. Outside some peeps are playin snow fight and I'm not really in the mood to join them. Out of the blue feelin drippin in my soul and dunno why. Thats why I decided to fill in a bit ranting session with u guys.

Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...........(endless sigh fills the air) Nothin much but I dunno why I'm not feelin so great. In this entry, I'm gonna scribble sumthin about life.

People say when life brings u down under, somebody will come and pull u out but is it true? Reality check..........hurmmmmm sumtimes thats not always the case. Sum might take advantage while others might turn a blind eye over u. Believe me, its true.

Eventhough every people comes with a different packages, but our inadequate traits or "unfurnished-self" might be the cause why we are dwelling in pain and sadness. Have you ever felt that u were not appreciated even when u have done a lot? Or u were left behind even when u always think of others? Thats life. Never expect much from people. Cuz u never know whut u gonna get in the end.

Haha..its funny how the cycle works. it turns out that we always loose in the end and winning is not that sweet either. Defining victory is so ambiguous and whut we are today is not really that good. Hurmmmmmmmmmm........

I dunno and not so sure bout whut happen in the beginning and whut leads towards the end. life is terrible sumtimes and face it we are deemed to rant about it. Huuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...(long sigh again)

To be or not to be? We decide for ourselves. The pain thAt we ourselves inflict on our life is just another way to say we are nothing. Thats how I feel right now. Following the path or straying aside will make a difference in our life. I choose to be in the middle. When I arrive at the cross-road, I will make a decision. Eventhough some will be shattered away into pieces along the way, still thats the bread and butter of life. Maybe I'm nothing to sum people but I am sumthing for myself. Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ( long sigh for multiple times)

Well its 12.40am and I'm still stuck in this frame of mind. Feels like squeezing out all the feeling bubbling inside right now. Ya Allah save me from all evil thought. BIG Smack on the head! arghhhhhhhhhh.....

Runnin out of ink now(not literally of course) but thats about it for todays. Hopefully, the state of being right now will not be carried out for the rest of the days to come. Whutever folks but thank for reading this crappy entry. Adios!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Eid'S Cookies BoNanZa...Part 1

Nothing is more exciting than having a variety of Kuih Raya selections during the festivity of Eid. If you are in Malaysia, you can definitely go to the shopping malls and you will find numerous types of Kuih Raya sold there. Whether it is crispy, crunchy or melts-in-the-mouth, you would surely be lured to buy assortments of cookies to fill in the jars and containers specially kept for this auspicious event. But the problem is, I'm not in Malaysia right now and there are limited resources for the cookies selection in Britain! Hurmmmmmm..what should we do?...Ahaaaaaaa Eureka! The best way to get a wonderful cookies is (although sometimes the result is not so promising hahaha like what happen to me). Baking your own cookies will give be a good way to spend quality times with family and friends while applying your own touch to the product....

So peeps, in this entry, I'm gonna tell you about my cookies baking experience in preparation for the upcoming Eid Celebration for the year of 2010..hehe...Now there are a lot of recipes that are easily accessible through the world wide web...With the advancement of technology, even video tutorial are provided to assist beginners and newbies (like me huhu) to bake the perfect cookies(although my result seems to be the opposite) for various occasions and festive seasons..hehe.. My first tryouts was the WHITE CHOCOLATE CHIPS COOKIES.....It sounds yummy isn it?? Even though it does not look that fancy, but it is surely tasty..hahaha (for me at least).. Below are some of the footage of my creation that I managed to make last night for fun...

To tell you the truth, its not that difficult to make this tasty cookies..You just need the regular ingredient like butter, plain flour, sugar white chocolate chip and etc. that can be easily found in local grocery stall or supermarkets. You just need to bake them for 15 minutes and walla!!!!!! You can have it straight away even before Raya..(but dont finish it yet like what happen to me hehehee..Its kinda fun and easy to make this cookies and you should try it at home! All in all, this is my first recorded attempt to make WHITE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES for the Raya Celebration!! So just stay tune with my blog and I will post more entries about my (a lot more to come hehe) That all happy fasting and may God bless all of us..Aminnnnn....

P/s: Dont judge a cookie by its appearance (hahaha I can guarantee you tht it is delicious and tasty and crispy like famous amos hahaha...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

LaTeSt UpDaTEs AnNOUnCEmEnT....

Good Morninnnnnnnnnnnnn to all...How are you guyz doin? I hope everyone are in the pinkest of health. As for this this entry, the main reason why I'm writin this is to inform you about the latest updates in my blog (yang dah besawang nie hahaha).

As from now on, 5th of September 2010, I will be doing some reviews on various gadgets and stuff owned by me and some of my friends..From technological equipment to action figures and clothing option, we will bring you some of the best information regarding these items as a kind of guide to help you make a better
choice and to maximise customer's buying power (ceeyyyy ayat bajet jer)

Therefore, I would like to thank everyone for your support and to all fellow bloggers, keep up the good work..I hope you guyz out there will keep on supporting me in this journey of blogging hahaahahah lol....All in all, I will still be posting some ranting stuff but along the way there will be some reviews too on products as stated above..Are you excited? If yes, GREATTTTTTTTTTTT but if not, WHATEVERRRRRRRRRRR I GOT NOTHIN TO LOOSE..LOL hehe Thats all for now folks! Have an awesome weekend everyone..Adiozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

P/s: I do not own any of the pictures above. They are for illustration only. All the credit goes to the owner. Thank you

Friday, September 3, 2010

SuaTu PeRsiNggAhan....

Salam kepada semua....Sihatkah? Semoga sihat walafiat hendakNya....Well today my ranting is basically about satu persinggahan or temporary home (like carrie's underwood song yang Lipvi giler sangat tu)....

This randomness appears due to a series of events that occured today in my life...Cant tell you much but I am glad to say that temporary home isnt that bad either right? It opems a room for all of us to reflect and appreciate whut we have and deal with the situation ratioally isnt it? Havin said that, we should also bear in mind bout the inevitable circumstances that might develop over time in out temporary home....

As in my casefile(CSI MIAMI MODE), Uk is my temporary home now....Its damn fuckin awesome dude !!!!!!!!!!!!!! but at the same time can be very daunting..You know whut I mean? Well its in a sense that you need to be very independent and confident all the time..Its hard to deal with people here especially when we are dealing with their needs and stuff...sighhhhhhhhhhhh maybe this ranting session has deviate from its rightful path???(from temp home to my horrible working experience..haha lol)

Then again, I develop my self gradually by actually adapting and try to cope with changes and situational needs..During the whole process...I learn a lot of things and try be more matured(poyor je ayat haha) But sumtimes I miss Malaysia very much...Home sweet home(but im not that homesick though..infact I spent more time in college than at home right?) hurmmmmmmmm back to the story.......

Sumthin happen today....Its quite touching (ingat laki x bleh tacink ka? lol)..The story begins in my small little room by the busy bustling and noisy road of Sturry, United Kingdom...While I was waiting for my beloved awek....I kill the time chattin with one of my old mate, a gud friend of mine (kawan lame tuh..hehehe)...Just askin about the Eid preparation, gadget and stuff..bla bla bla...Then suddenly, he said to me that his mother often ask about my well being here in UK...I was very touched indeed..Not only that, his lovely Mom said that I am always welcome to their house and they even invited me to celebrate the Eid together with them..What a blessing in disguise isnt it? My mate's parents are wonderful people and they are very nice to me..they treated me like their son and I'm thankful for that....Thanks A LOT...It makes my day.....

When I think about it, actually there are still a lot of good people out there....Its a matter of time and place when we realise how fortunate we are having a lot of wonderful people around us.....definitely a blessing!! And speaking about wonderful people, I remembered sumthin that my awek told me today..About my bro(i mean real brother) He commented on my Awek's profile and said funny things there(hal org tue tue heheheeh) but then again I can feel the concern feelings in those words,,,Thank you everyone...Love my family and my awek hehe...............

Well I think thats all for now..enough with my ranting session...Ohhh Ramadhan is almost finishing and its the new month of Syawal...Hopefully everything will be better this time of the month and may God bless us all..Insyaallah...Happy Eid Mubarak to everyone and have a great day! Chiowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

(P/S: I do not own any of the pictures above and they are for illustration only..Credit to all the owners..Thank you)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bla bla bla...

Haha its been a while since i last wrote in this crappy blog.... well there's nothing much happen actually... As for right now we are havin our summer holidays for three months and for God's sake, its damn boring man!!!!!!!!!!

Well during summer, eventhough its called SUMMER, but damn it is cold right now..we definitely need the heater but again...the crappy and lousy heater is not functioning....What a disaster....And beyond my new house business, it was terrible working in this YOU KNOW WHERE PLACE!!! Its suck big time bro......I might die in the end of summer when the class started.....Eventhough i work on casual basis but still it sucks big TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To tell you the truth, im more like a musang right now...I usually slept at 7 am and woke up in the evening!!! pretty sick isnt it? Lol..but i guess my body clock is gettin crazy all this while due to the weather in Uk and the atmosphere i guess hehe...then again...nothin much to do except for shoppinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...hahahahaaa

Despite the fact that the allowance is still processing but i dont really care...when there;s a will there's a way isnt it? hahaha (though its not very appropriate right now hehe) but i guess its not a sin to browse through the ebay right? its so tempting everytime i used the web browser and ebay is always on the tab lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

U wanna know what are the things that i've already bought? just wait for the next entry and i will start reviewing about stuffs and gadgets that i owned...see ya guys next time.Chiowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww and salam...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A new Day...

Hi folks.....

A new day with new beginning.....

Now it's 3.38 am in uk and I'm still wide awake.....

I will be going to work at nine am today AND huhhhhhhhhh another tiring day to go......

Nothing much to say in this blog accept embrace our fate and let the time decides what will happen today right?

Whutever it is just think positive and be positive in everything that you do and the whole day will pass with a blink of an eye!

That's all for now folk! Enjoy and have a good weekend!! Chiowwwwwwwww~~~~~